Having just finished the OSCP labs (exam is next week), I needed something to keep my mind to working, and do something a little fun. Naturally, I turned to Vulnhub.comΒ to download a vulnerable VM and keep my geek appetite satisfied. Prior to starting the OSCP course, I frequented Vulnhub as a way to “prepare” me for the labs during the course. (Its obviously a good start, but nothing can prepare you for those, just FYI).

After working through one of the VMs, I was inspired. I was able to work through it without any issues (I honestly forgot which one it was), and realized that I have learned quite a bit during my time of taking the OSCP course. This prompted me to begin designing my own VM. I wanted something that was meant for beginners, but at the same time not as simple as the Metasploitable series. Dont get me wrong, I think those are wonderful for learning, and probably helped to start a trend of vulnerable VMs. But I wanted something a little different…

So Tr0ll was born, greatly inspired by the machines located within the labs of the OSCP course. They do their best to trick you on some, and send you deep down tar pits on others. Although I wouldn’t put the complexity of this VM up there with those, it will make you think a little. Its targeted to beginners, but I think even veterans might not just walk through it without having to take a moment and scratch their heads a bit.

So give it a once over, lemme know what ya think. Feed back is greatly appreciated, and if it seems like a fun one, definitely let me know. I had fun making it, and Im looking for an excuse to make another one! πŸ™‚


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