Shaws and Star Market Data Breach – What You Need To Know

So yes yet again we are faced with another data breach of a major chain of retail stores. This time it is Shaws and Star Market. These companies are owned by Albertsons.

At this point the details have not been released. It would appear that the Point of Sale (POS) system was probably targeted to steal the customer information.

So what did they get? Allegedly they have Names,Expiration Dates, Card Numbers, Pin Numbers (Unclear), and 3 digit security codes. Customers that shopped at Shaws and Star Markets between June 22 and July 17 should keep a close eye on their bank accounts and report any discrepancies to their financial institutions.

At this point Albertsons claims to have a handle on the breach and says you are safe to continue to shop at their stores.

This is just another example of a company not getting the InfoSec budget that they need. The more publicity to things like this and impact felt on consumers will one day make security a priority. Until then maybe these companies need to feel the pain, and POS vendors need to jump on the security bandwagon and start taking their system seriously.

I will update this post if we get any details on how the breach happened, and what was taken.

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