New Video Series

We are excited to announce we have started production on our first video series!  “Metasploitable without Metasploit”  The focus of this video series it to teach the up and coming InfoSec student how to manually exploit Metasploitable.  This is going to help you get a much better understanding as to why these exploits work, and what makes them tick.

Don’t get us wrong we love Metasploit, but we also feel it is important to have a solid foundation in exploitation the manual way.  This video series was inspired by taking the OSCP course, which has very strict guidelines for when and what you can do with Metasploit.

Videos will be released as they are created.  Feedback is always welcome!  We will be making our notes, and any scripts/tools we create available, but encourage you to take on the process of creating those resources yourselves as you will find that experience very valuable as you embark on your InfoSec journey.

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