Home Depot Data Breach

Details are still not clear, but at this point we do suspect there has been a large data breach at The Home Depot.  There is no reason to believe only some stores were effected, and chances are the breach is spread across the companies 2,000+ stores.

Banks are saying they have seen “suspicious” activity so far dating back to April of 2014.  If that is the case, we need to think of the impact this could have.  If you remember back, Target had only been breached for 2-3 weeks and leaked some 40 million credit and debt cards.

I would recommend until we get more details that all who have shopped at The Home Depot recently monitor their bank accounts, and their credit for fraudulent activity.

It would appear from the below statement, that customers will be taken care of in the event their personal information has been compromised.

“The home-improvement retailer said Wednesday that it still hasn’t
determined whether a breach actually occurred but told customers they
won’t be responsible for any possible fraudulent charges on their credit
or debit cards if one did.”

We will update this as more information becomes available.




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