January 29, 2013


3a56b28 Justin K. Tharpe (Eagle11) – I am a Security Analyst.  I do VA’s and Pentests.  I also do some security research in my spare time, and work on VM’s on www.vulnhub.com.  Keep an eye out for new VM’s from OverflowSec. I can be found in Freenode on the #overflowsec channel (Eagle11) and on Twitter @OS_Eagle11


153d639 Erik Dominguez (Maleus) – Currently a Systems Administrator and netsec addict/hobbyist/student. I love anything and everything about info sec, and the hacking community. Recently completed the OSCP certification through Offensive-Security. – #overflowsec (Maleus) and Twitter – @Maleus21

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